Nicotine may hinder human potential to socialize

French researchers recently found that the same part of the brain that becomes addicted to nicotine also controls how people interact with one another. The Centre de Neurosciences Paris-Sud scientists discovered that the nicotine receptors in the prefrontal cortex are necessary ...Read More

Learning lessons from "Harold and Maude"

When it comes to films about life energy, it's hard to top the 1971 cult classic "Harold and Maude," a charming story of a young boy who falls in love with an old woman with a gusto for life. Right off ...Read More

Imagination, life energy and more in Willy Wonka

Ilchi Lee believes that life energy can come from a number of different places, including selflessness and love. This energy resides in all living things, but it can be difficult to sense for those not attuned to it. One film that ...Read More

A vacation to the peaceful Rye Beach may help one find solitude

Living our lives as we do in this busy, hectic world, it is possible for one's mind to become cluttered, which makes it challenging to find peace and serenity. Being out of touch with one's life purpose can be very ...Read More

Iceland may be a peaceful place perfect for meditation

As it can be challenging to find peace, one may find it helpful to retire to a secluded and isolated location in order to practice meditation and strive for serenity. Stori-Geysir, which has been described by Explore Iceland as one ...Read More

Some people are drawn to working with pets

For some people, their life purpose is to help others in need, whether they are humans or animals. Those who are considering helping nature's four-legged friends live their lives to the fullest may want to consider enrolling in a veterinary ...Read More