Personal growth activities are plentiful


Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee recommends that individuals keep personal growth and development at the forefront of their minds at all times, thinking about how each action they take can affect their being.

So, what do personal growth activities consist of? They are numerous and diverse, ranging from cooking a healthy meal to embarking on a challenging hike through the desert.

The point of these actions is to fulfill yourself at your core. What are you lacking in life? If you feel like your physical health needs some improvement, your personal growth activities will likely include getting more exercise and eliminating fatty or sugary foods from your diet, as well as practicing alternative methods for healing.

If your issue relates more to your inner self, perhaps it's time to do some volunteer work to gain perspective on life. You can also try mind-body exercises such as yoga, meditation or tai chi in order to nourish all aspects of your being.

Lee has written many books on growth and development which detail ways people can better themselves.