Advertisements may harm children's personal development

A recent study conducted at the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society in the UK suggests that too much television may not only be bad for the eyes, it can make children obese.

In a trial, the researchers showed that kids who watched commercials for fast food and fatty or sugary snacks before viewing a popular cartoon were more likely to choose unhealthy food options afterward than children who saw toy commercials.

"This study demonstrates that children are far more likely to eat unhealthy foods if they watch a lot of television. This suggests that it would be beneficial to reduce the amount of television that children watch. These findings also have implications for the regulation of television food advertising to children," said researcher Emma Boyland.

Author, philosopher and trailblazer Ilchi Lee believes that optimal wellness is the key to personal growth. Compromised physical health in a young person can, therefore, have significant harmful implications for their capacity for fulfillment and awakening later in life. As a result, it may be a good idea to monitor the television viewing routines and eating habits of children.