Adversity may hinder an individual's personal development

Experiencing adversity or stressful events early in life may have a significant effect on how a person handles minor obstacles or problems later on, according to University of California, Los Angeles researchers.

"We have known for a long time that some people are more likely to experience mental and physical health problems than others," said researcher George Slavich. "For example, while some people get depressed following a relationship breakup, others do not. In this study, we aimed to identify factors that are associated with this phenomenon."

The findings revealed that people who had experienced a traumatic event like the loss of a parent or separation before the age of 18 experienced more depression episodes when compared to their more fortunate counterparts.

It can be difficult for a person to shake the bad memories of a significant loss, but Ilchi Lee believes that it is possible for individuals to eliminate negative thoughts and memories in their minds using Brain Education techniques. Such practices may be effective in leading a person through their path toward betterment and happiness.