Work hard now, play later

When many people secure employment, it is an enormous relief because they feel that their long quest has been completed.

Conversely, however, those who have recently obtained a job need to remember that the first few months of employment are typically the most important, as one can give his or her boss a good impression and reassure the manager that the correct decision was made.

While landing a job may be the first part of achieving one’s life dream, it is important to not let this new opportunity turn into complacency, so employees must work hard at all times during the day.

Getting ahead of one’s daily, weekly or monthly quotas can send a positive message to one’s boss, and can also have its advantages for the worker in the future. In these cases, the worker can maintain balance throughout the project period and not be forced to cram towards the end, like many other employees.

As such, the motto work hard now, play later is appropriate, because hard work ultimately leads to future gains and allows a person to reduce stress during crunch time.