High Fidelity details the struggle against impulse

The 2000 film High Fidelity expresses one man’s struggle to overcome his impulses and misunderstandings of himself to experience personal growth so that he can finally fall in love and stay in a relationship.

Starring John Cusack as Rob Gordon, the movie opens when Gordon’s girlfriend, Laura, is leaving him. The break-up reminds him of all his past relationships, as well as their painful endings, and causes him meditate on why he believes is destined to be “alone.”

He decides to contact some of his most memorable girlfriends from his past and try to discover why they ended up dumping him. At first, his impromptu interviews don’t shed much light on his situation – in fact, they reveal just how ignorant Gordon can be.

However, over time, he learns that he has to conquer his fantasy of who a person is and embrace the reality instead. This becomes the case for the women in his life and himself. Before Gordon can commit to anyone, he first has to grow as a person.

High Fidelity was critically acclaimed and made it into the top 500 movie list of Empire magazine. It was ranked number 1 in Chicago magazine’s list of the top 40 movies ever filmed in Chicago.