Rabbit Island

Travelers who visit Rabbit Island, Lampedusa, in the waters off the coast of Italy will experience how Ilchi Lee harnesses energy and uses it for personal development.

Located near Sicily, Rabbit Island is a part of the Pelagie archipelago, best known for the crystal blue waters and stunning beaches.

In fact, Rabbit Island was named as one of the world’s best beaches by Beach Tomato, a website devoted to fashion and beauty on the sand.

“Lampedusa is our fave – full of hidden coves and quiet corners,” states Black Tomato. “Just a hop away is Rabbit Island, a small fleck of sand flanked by white cliffs. We’re not surprised the Italians and elusive A-list have kept quiet.”

Beside the beauty, its quiet and peaceful nature is what makes it so energetic. Soaking up the sun’s rays, travelers will experience a peaceful meditation session as they connect their souls with the flow of the sea.

Rabbit Island is the perfect place for travelers seeking solace and a way to re-connect with their inner selves. Despite its reputation as an ‘A-list’ destination, there are no flashing cameras or loud parties – this is where everyone comes to get away from it all.