Now, tell your brain the specific color that corresponds to each individual Chakra. Our consciousness moves faster than the speed of light. If we will the energy of love, our body will be filled with that energy in an instant. If you need healing energy, visualize the golden light of healing… and your aura will immediately shift to the color gold. Create a button inside your brain that you can press to elicit a immediate energy response throughout your body.

Bright, solid red symbolizes strength of life force energy. Red is also the color of the earth, which is the source of all other earth energies. Focus on the first Chakra and commune with her energy for the strength to forgive and the will to be courageous. You will acknowledge and love yourself, with overwhelming passion for life. This passion will make you shine brightly in this reality.

Passion… Courage… Strength… Decisiveness… Forgiveness…

Call forth these fundamental energies…Feel the energies seep into your being.